Database CC

your database.

Copying your database to the cloud with Database CC: lets you protect, prepare, monitor, scale, and analyze like never before.

Get enterprise-level benefits in minutes, without IT effort.

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Your data corrupted.
Your staff paralyzed.
Your customers furious.
Your reputation gone.
Contract litigation.
Damage control.
Unless you’ve copied it
with Database CC:
Database CC Project

Protect Against Hackers, Failures and Mistakes

Whatever happens to your data and your infrastructure, Database CC’s snapshots of your database stay safe.

You can add automatic encryption, keys for your trusted colleagues, and even decryption codes that you keep in a physical vault.

Protect My Database
Right this moment:
Is your database down?
Is it corrupted?
Is it under attack?
Are records missing?
Are there business threats?
Are there opportunities?
You already know.
Because you monitor your database
with Database CC:.
Database CC Monitor

Monitor for problems
and opportunities

Database CC: doesn’t just copy your database—it’s smart. It can tell you when your database is down, slow, or corrupted, and when it’s being hurt by bad SQL or “insertion attacks” by hackers.

It can even tell you when your data changes in ways that matter to your business: missing records, pricing errors, promising or alarming trends.

Monitor My Database
This was supposed to be it:
The big news article.
The full rollout.
The powerful new partner.
The spike in popularity.
Ruined. The system couldn’t handle it.
Unless you’ve scaled up
with Database CC:.
Database CC Scale

Scale for Heavy
Usage, Effortlessly

Failure to scale can ruin your users’ experience just when it’s most critical. Database CC: can create and synchronize many copies of your database, to support many times the level of usage.

Global load balancing and automatic failover make sure that users rapidly access a working copy, wherever they are. No complicated administration required.

Scale My Database
One little database change can ruin your whole day.
Your whole demo, so carefully scripted.
Your regression test, so thoroughly planned.
Unless you’ve prepared it
with Database CC:.
Database CC Prepare

Prepare Data Snapshots
for Demos and Test Runs

Take a snapshot of your database just once, and use it for a perfect runthrough every time—whether for a demo or a regression test.

It’s easy enough for your sales and testing teams to do themselves. You can even do it automatically from your regression testing software.

Prepare My Database
You’ve kept it simple.
The database stores your data.
As it stands today.
But tracking trends over time?
That’s a whole new level.
Like 2-D to 3-D.
Much more setup.
Far more effort.
Unless you analyze it with Database CC:.
Database CC Analyse

Analyze Your Data’s
History Over Time

Understanding how your data changes over time is crucial to successful business strategy. Database CC: analyzes historical snapshots of your data to find the trends that matter to you.

You can graph analyses, save and re-run them, share them with your colleagues, and publish them on Slack and elsewhere.

Analyze My Database